How do they say... Bigger flies better?

Well, me (left) and Matjaz (right) are firm believers of this saying and had a long wish to build an even bigger model of Windex 1200C. So we were working on a new version for quite a long time, but of course only as a project on a PC. Then, after several iterations and brainstorming sessions, the project went into realization. In a very short time, the new molds for the fuselage, elevator and rudder were completed and first prototype built. At this stage we could not afford the molds for the wings, so for the time being they are built from styro and wood, with plenty of carbon reinforcements for full pattern flight capability. All the arguments from the smaller version remain valid, of course:

  • fully autonomous self starting capability
  • full aerobatic capability

 And in this special case we have same additional:


And all that in an awesome scale of 1 : 1,5, which brings us to the following specs:



8.000 mm     


length (overall) 

3.234 mm     


wing area

325 dm2    


weight (prototype) under        

25 kg       


wing loading (prototype) 

77 g/dm2


wing airfoil

      HN special     

Please bear with us and read on about our latest models performance.