The original Jonkers family just grew bigger last year! So, as the new JS3 Rapture was competing in Benala, Australia, Matjaz instantly fell in love and decided to build a new, big model. After being lucky to receive a useful three views image from the company, I started designing our model in February. After very short six months, our prototype in scale 1:2 had it's first flight. We are very proud of our new product for which we had several requirements:

  • fully autonomous self launching capability
  • good flight performance
  • transport friendly parts

Since we allready have some experience with building bigger fully molded models, we realized our requirements with known solutions:


With original's wingspan of 15 m and our 1 : 2 scale the model has the following specs:



7.500 mm     


length (overall) 

3.470 mm     


wing area

218 dm2    


weight (prototype)         

21,5 kg       


wing loading (prototype) 

98 g/dm2


wing airfoil

      HQ-DS / HQ-ACRO     

Please bear with us and read on about our latest models performance.