The Gee Bee R3 has never flown as a real plane. Designed by Italian designer Mirco Pecorari it shows typical Gee Bee proportions, but streamlined to a "Ferrari" among Gee Bees. We dare say that it leaves no real modeller heart untouched. And it is mostly a very strong reaction - either love or hate.

For Matjaž, this was love on first sight. He immediately started dreaming about a model of his own. Full epoxy glass structure, own stamps for quick spare parts resupply, easy handling were his wish list items. So he organised a team and our first model was born.




  • wingspan                                                         2.400 mm

  • fuselage length                                                2.030 mm

  • weight approx                                                         13 kg

  • recommended engine                                          DA-85

  • controls: height, rudder, ailerons, flaps, engine throttle


Special feature: scale flying wires from Aero Scale Products.