After 5,4 m Windex, what should the next project be? Our friend Uroš had the answer: build a big scale model of Jonker JS1 revelation! And in little more than seven months, our 1:2,5 scale model is flying!

JS1 revelation specifications:

               wingspan  8.400 mm    
  length (overall)  2.840 mm    
  wing area  198 dm2   
  weight (prototype)  24 kg      
  wing loading (prototype)        121 g/dm2

Our prototype is equipped with electric self launch system. With 20 x 13" folding prop in fuselage nose it safely starts from it's own retractable  gear on grass runways. The (very safe) centre of gravity is achieved by proper placement of batteries, no extra weight needed. We are sure to shave at least 2 kilograms from the series product and have therefore provided the ballast tubes in the wings central part, allowing for the more speed hungry fliers to turbo charge their model.