If you followed our web pages for some time now, you may remember that the story of Remec Design began with a 5 m Windex 1200C. This was our first common project and though I convinced Matjaz for a wingspan of 5,4 metres, it wasn't an even scale...

Well, with all the beatifull ships in scale 1:2 we finally concluded that the time has come to renew our first offer and build a real 1:2 Windex 1200C!

All the arguments from the earlier versions remain valid, of course:

  • fully autonomous self starting capability
  • full aerobatic capability
  • very good transport capability
  • praxis proven airfoils by dr. Helmut Quabeck


And all that in an even scale of 1 : 2, which brings us to the following specs:



6.000 mm     


length (overall) 

2.430 mm     


wing area

184 dm2    


weight (prototype) 

16 kg       


wing loading (prototype) 

87 g/dm2


wing airfoil


Please bear with us and read on about our latest models performance.