The original Windex 1200C was developed in Sweden by Sven-Olof Ridder and Harald Undén. It's history and comlplete technical data can be found at It's configuration with engine nacelle on th e directional stabilizer makes it very interesting for a R/C model.

After finishing the Gee Bee R3 project, MatjaĆŸ was looking for a glider model that he could fly on daily basis. He already owned two Windex 1200 kits by another producer, but wasn't completely satisfied with their performance.

Still, the idea of a self launching glider won't let go and so we decided to develop our own Windex 1200C. On my suggestion we chose somewhat bigger scale, which resulted in over 5 m wingspan. With a very professional consulting of Andreas Reisenauer we were able to reach a very comfortable self launch performance with a geared brushless electric motor and Li-Po accumulators. 


  • wingspan                                                         5.400 mm

  • fuselage length                                                2.255 mm

  • wing area                                                           150 dm2

  • weight approx                                                         15 kg

  • wing airfoil                                                    MH-32 mod

  • controls: height, rudder, ailerons, flaps, air brakes, engine throttle