As the company Jonkers announced it's new JS4, Matjaz saw a good opportunity for himself. With a light modification of the fuselage and new wings there would be a new model in his portfolio. As the original has a wingspan of 18 metres, our 1:2 scale model would have stately 9 metres!

Again, there were the usual goals for our design:

  • fully autonomous self launching capability
  • good flight performance
  • transport friendly parts

Since we allready have some experience with building bigger fully molded models, we realized our requirements with known solutions:

  • proven airfoils from Dr. Helmut Quabeck
  • fuselage made from two easily joinable parts
  • two part wings with separate winglets


With original's wingspan of 18 m and our 1 : 2 scale the model has the following specs:



9.000 mm     


length (overall) 

3.470 mm     


wing area

285 dm2    


weight (prototype with FES)         

23 kg       


wing loading (prototype) 

81 g/dm2


wing airfoil

      HQW / HQ-ACRO     

Please bear with us and read on about our latest models performance.